identity workshop

'The roots. For all your moods'

During a special workshop we’ll discuss, explore and define the components of your organisation’s corporate identity. Venture beyond the daily grind and leave the routine safety of your comfort zone to stimulate the creative, intuitive and associative areas of the brain. We do this by means of a comprehensive questionnaire. We combine it with a series of images that we’ve carefully chosen beforehand. These give substance to an underlying psychological model that differentiates between opposite self, ideal self and real self.

So this model distinguishes between a situation that is desired and what is not. It also makes that distinction clear by the visual choices we make together. Brainstorming produces three types of mood boards. These chronicle and illustrate who we are, where we’ve come from, through to where we want to go.

Then we expand the third mood board, where ambition is depicted, and rearrange the images until they form a seamless match with the three areas of your organisation’s identity: culture, proposition and physical characteristics.

In this way we lay bare the very essence of your organisation and provide it with distinctive visuals. These are elements you can deploy to perfectly match your people’s thinking, behaviour and actions with the ambition of your organisation.